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Why do some supplements provide more than the Recommended Daily Allowance?

You might notice some supplements boast about double the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for certain nutrients. It may sound like such supplements can provide extra doses of health benefit because of this. But do you really need that much of each nutrient? What benefits can mega doses of certain nutrients provide? The answer is not […]

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Supplements That Can Upset Stomachs and Ways to Avoid It

Can supplements upset stomachs? Have you ever felt queasy after taking your vitamins or other dietary supplements? No need to worry, sometimes this can happen to people who have sensitive stomachs. Issues with a specific ingredient, taking certain supplements on an empty stomach, or just taking too much, can sometimes interfere with normal digestion. More […]

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Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss and Metabolic Support

Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss Whether you’re trying to lose baby weight or just want to feel better, weight management is a hard task for anyone. There are so many diets out there promising unbelievable results, but it may be difficult to figure out what kind of plan is right for you. The thing is, […]

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Preventing Postpartum Depression Through Nutrition

When your baby (or babies!) come into the world for the first time, it can immediately change the course of your daily life. In many ways, this is a beautiful and exciting time when you’re able to welcome these new little ones into your family. However, for one in every nine women who give birth, […]

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Lower Risk of Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Through Supplemental Nutrition

Non-profit organizations like Smile Train and March of Dimes, work hard to provide care and raise awareness around birth defects like Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip. Through organizations like these, doctors provide free services to correct a child’s cleft lip or palate, through surgical reconstruction. But did you know that many of these cases could […]

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Prevent spinal birth defects with folic acid and DHA supplements

Spinal birth defects, also known as neural tube defects (NTDs), are severe birth defects of the brain and spine that impact thousands of babies every year in the United States (1,2). These spinal birth defects occur when the neural tube, which forms the brain and spine in unborn babies, doesn’t close. In turn, this causes […]

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