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Top 5 New Baby Hacks You Need To Know

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Top 5 New Baby Hacks You Need To Know

As a mother invited to baby showers years after her own child was born, it’s interesting to see how the baby industry has evolved with its new gadgets and trinkets. From the Dock a Tot to the hands-free breast milk pump, the options seem endless.


Experienced mothers have created lists of “hacks,” helping new ones cut through the marketing and focus on what really matters. However, the reality is that despite having all the tools and gadgets, raising a child is an unpredictable journey that often requires simple and effective solutions. This was highlighted for me when my daughter was enrolled in a Montessori program and became fascinated with simple toys like wooden balls. Our ancestors grew up happy without the fancy gadgets we have now, after all.

If you’re a new mom, this list is for you. Here are my top new baby hacks that came from my experience with my daughter.

Bags And Wipes

Bags and wipes are my secret weapons for handling unexpected messes. Specifically, doggy poop bags have come in handy so many times. From throwing-up incidents to ripped snacks, wet clothes, lost lunch boxes, and even puppy barf in the car, these bags have saved the day. I’ve even trained my daughter to know there is a bag in her car seat cup holder so if she gets sick, she can put it in a bag and not all over the upholstery.  

Wipes, like baby wipes, can be used for various purposes beyond their intended use for diaper changes. For example, they can be used to give your child an entire bath without water, clean up a sticky mess on their fingers and cheeks, or even remove deodorant stains on your shirt during your morning routine. There’s not much, looking back, that I haven’t survived without my trusty bags and wipes!

Bring Games And Activities To Restaurants

Do you ever notice kids at restaurants plugged into their devices, disconnected from their parents? It’s a missed opportunity to connect and teach them social skills. Eating together promotes communication and strengthens bonds while encouraging good table manners. Instead of allowing screens, try packing small games like manual Tetris to solve together. It’s heartwarming to see the joy it brings and the positive impact it has on our family dynamic.

Part of me loves observing other patrons and staff observing us because which do you think is better? Adults talking while their kids watch screens, or adults playing with and interacting with their kids through coloring and games? I’ll take the latter!

Make Independence Fun

This one might be hard to explain, but this baby hack is about the concept of letting our little people experiment and figure out how to do things on their own. This stems from Montessori, and my daughter loves it. For example, she happily cleans or organizes her room, which gives her a sense of accomplishment and confidence. We got her the Melissa & Doug cleaning sets, and she LOVED them. In our kitchen, we set up a little shelf where she can access her plates and cups to serve or put clean items away.

Although kids tend to forget things they’ve learned, my daughter surprised me when I ordered groceries on Instacart, and she offered to unpack them herself, saying, “I got it, mommy, go rest.” She got her stool, accessed the counter, and put the groceries in the fridge, freezer, and pantry, even spraying fruit cleaner on the berries and cutting up strawberries. She also took out the trash and replaced the bags, and cleaned some dirty plates. I resisted scolding her for wasting soap and letting her have fun. What I remember the most is how she hummed to herself the whole time, so happy and proud of herself for what she accomplished.

Turn Baby Swaddles And Other Linens Into A Quilt

I was thankful for all the swaddle blankets we got at our shower. My daughter was born in June, and it was a very hot summer, so she basically lived in a diaper and swaddle. Everything else was just too hot and uncomfortable. When she outgrew the need to be wrapped up, I found myself having trouble letting them go. 

These muslin clothes played a special role in comforting our baby during those difficult colicky moments. They were a symbol of love, and we couldn’t part with them. So, I came up with the idea of turning them into a quilt that we could all cherish forever. After delivering the swaddles to a local quilting expert, we received the most precious keepsake a week later. Our baby’s special quilt now sits at the foot of her bed as a constant reminder of those special moments. It was definitely worth it!

Baby-Led Wean And Introduce All Foods

I wrote a blog about baby-led weaning, where babies sit on their own and eat normal foods cut into small pieces instead of baby food with spoons. My kid loved trying everything from omelets to ducks. Plus, it saved me from cooking multiple meals.

But now she’s become a picky eater, declaring random ingredients as “too cheesy” or “too oniony.” We encourage her to try everything and remind her of foods she used to enjoy. We can’t imagine only feeding her dino nuggets or pasta when there’s a whole world of flavor to explore!

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for sticking with me through that long list. These hacks have helped me feel prepared and calm during moments of motherhood, but everyone’s list will look different depending on their upbringing and priorities. I’m happy to share my list and hope that at least one hack can make your life easier. So remember to take a deep breath, enjoy the process, and create your own list of hacks!

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