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5 Time-Saving Tips Working Moms Need To Know

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Life with kids is a busy affair, whether you’re single or have a partner. And if you’re a working parent, finding time to juggle everything can seem nearly impossible. The pandemic has only added to this challenge, blurring the lines between work and home life. You might wonder how you’re supposed to handle an important meeting or interview when your child needs a doctor’s visit, or your sink starts flooding the basement.

It’s normal to have those days where you feel swamped, unsure of how to navigate through the chaos. You might even be tempted to hide under the covers and wish for a new day. Trust me. I’ve been there too! So, let me share five time-saving tips that could be particularly helpful if you’re a working mom:

Pack Lunch And Snacks The Night Before

Preparing school lunches and snacks in advance might seem trivial, but it’s a real time-saver. I used to make chicken tenders for my daughter’s weekly meals until her teacher mentioned she was bored with the repetition. The solution? Pack dinner leftovers for the next day’s lunch. It was a revelation that simplified our meal prep significantly.

Dinner leftovers, whether burgers, pasta, or sushi, become the next day’s lunch. Just pack them in a lunch container, refrigerate them overnight, and grab them in the morning. I even started doing this for my own meals to have healthier options while working on the go.

Lay Out What You Need The Night Before

Prepare your child’s clothes and essentials the night before to ease the morning rush. This saved me numerous times with my toddler, who’d take forever to get dressed. I’d place clothes on a chair for her to self-start without fuss. We even got into the habit of layering sweaters over pajamas.

Arranging essential items the night before helps me, too, as I often forget things if they’re not in sight. I place can’t-forget items by the garage door or my purse to avoid stress. Recently, I had to turn back halfway to work when my husband moved a case I needed. After explaining my “out of sight, out of mind” habit, he understood. We’re all human and occasional oversights are inevitable.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help, Delegate, Or Hire Out

The silver lining of Covid was the birth of helpful services like GrubHubInstacart, and Zoom. They’re lifesavers on long, tiring days when I lack dinner ingredients. While I avoid overuse for cost reasons, the convenience of ordering groceries or meals from local restaurants feels magical. One of my favorite time-saving tips when out of time or energy is to delegate tasks to these services helps me stay efficient.

For example, hiring house cleaners saves me significant time that I can spend on family, work, or self-care. If I can afford it, I’m happy to support small businesses that enhance my freedom and time management. Delegating tasks is a win-win strategy I’m learning to embrace. This way, I save more time for family activities.

Keep Your House Clean

Maintaining a clean house helps me stay organized, stress less, and save time by knowing where items are. My “out of sight, out of mind” rule means a cluttered kitchen counter would make me forgetful. If laundry or work files aren’t sorted, it’s harder to know what’s clean or where things are. 

Like Cher’s frantic search for a shirt in Clueless, disorganization wastes time. My color-coordinated closet is an easy system that eliminates searching. If you constantly misplace items, consider some organization. Marie Kondo’s methods have certainly helped me!


Working smarter means being selective about what’s worth doing. Parenthood has made me more considerate about my commitments. I now question the necessity of overnight trips, late-night outings that disrupt routines, or meeting deadlines when family visits. The pandemic has shifted priorities, making it empowering to decline pricey concerts or uncomfortable gatherings. Choosing quality time with my daughter over unnecessary work functions feels invincible. Try it!


In summary, These time-saving tips are so valuable. However, it’s essential to identify what strategies work for you in managing your time. It begins with recognizing where you might be wasting time and making improvements. My grandma’s regret at 92 was not having enough fun despite her busy life. So, how do we find more joy amidst daily tasks? It’s a lifelong learning journey, but optimizing time management in your daily life can certainly pave the way for more enjoyable moments.

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