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Baby Proofing Your Home: 5 Must-Have Items 

Baby Proofing your home

If you ask anyone about baby registries and items you need, you’ve likely heard a long list of must-haves: a crib, car seat, stroller, diapers, and the like. When I put together my registry years ago, I was shocked to find out that there is a WHOLE SECTION of a website at BuyBuyBaby solely devoted to baby proofing and safety! Seriously? 

Is it that hard to keep a little human alive and well? Do we really need all of the covers, knobs, levers, protectors, and guard rails? Who has time for that? So if you’re wondering what you really need when it comes to baby-proofing your home, look no further, mama friends! At Bump Vitamins, we’ve got you covered!

Do Babies Really Need So Much Stuff?

First, I want to preface I was not the mom who bought into all the “stuff.” It’s relatively easy to go overboard and save money on things you don’t actually need. 

I knew that our baby wouldn’t be that mobile for the first few weeks to months, so I didn’t have to worry about it much. And then, depending on her personality and interests, we would adjust from there. So, besides the common knowledge of not placing the Bumbo on the table and not hiding sharp objects in stuffed animals, I didn’t see the need for many of these precautions before our daughter crawled, walked, and explored.  

While this worked out for us, every child and parent’s comfort level differs. If you like a tool I don’t list, I encourage you to use it. And if something I share here doesn’t work for you, no biggie! This blog is intended to note some items that helped us through each developmental stage:

0-9 Months: What Do I Need?

At such a young age, there’s not much you’ll need for your baby, especially since they may not be mobile yet. So here’s my number one recommendation.

Outlet Covers

While I never witnessed my daughter take much interest in those little holes in the wall, I can only imagine the fear I would harbor if she did! 

Babies can roll as early as 3-4 months, and they learn to explore with their hands before they can crawl, so the possibility of her rolling over and sticking a finger in the socket while my back is turned is a reality. She could scoot and maneuver efficiently before mastering the classic army crawl or hands and knees crawling. And you’ll never regret having these handy.  

Remember: you’re not just childproofing for your child but also other children. I always thought, “What would my friend’s rambunctious baby boy be into?” The holes in the wall might entice him, and the last thing you want is for a friend’s baby to get injured at your home, primarily due to a lack of baby-proofing.

10-12 Months: What Do I Need?

Tension Gates

I remember having a fitful day trying to install three different baby gates. I even wrote an Amazon review stating that I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Unfortunately, I clearly got the wrong gates. So heed my advice and invest in the tension gates, not a gate that requires you to screw nails into the wall.

Tension gates are easy to install, easy to use, and an all-around win. I learned early on that we shouldn’t only worry about kids falling down the stairs. We also need to worry about them climbing. 

One day I turned around and couldn’t find my 10-month-old daughter because she had climbed up the stairs into her room to play. She was so damn proud of her little self. It was amazing! But that’s when I decided to put a gate at the BOTTOM of the stairs as well! And seriously, gates will save you a lot of stress and worry. She had plenty of places to roam and explore, but stairs and un-childproofed areas were easily off-limits.

Corner And Edge Guards

I’m sure you’ve seen these little foam or gel pieces that adhere to sharp table corners and long strips that can cover edges. When pre-toddlers, 10-12 months, first try to start walking, they will pull up on furniture to steady themselves and cruise. Unfortunately, this also means lots of wobbling and falling. I couldn’t imagine my sweet babe falling and hurting herself on any of our coffee table edges. So, I put these nifty corner and edge guards on it. 

Did I put guards on every piece of furniture in our house? No. I kept it to where she was most active during this learning stage. This baby-proofing essential made me feel better about her exploring and learning. 

12 Months and Beyond: What Do I Need?

Furniture Anchors

While we didn’t personally use furniture anchors, I’ve heard awful stories from people who needed them. If your kid is a climber, then you absolutely need these! Once your crawler or toddler has mastered the staircase, they may become competitive and see what else they can scale. Bookshelf? Dresser? TV stand? You name it! 

Kiddos can accidentally pull these over while attempting to climb, or the whole thing can topple once they’ve reached the top. Pretty scary! Newer furniture (especially pieces from IKEA) come with anchors, so once you assemble and put it in position, you can quickly secure it with provided straps, etc. If you have something older or an appliance without one of these nifty accessories, you can easily purchase it from a baby or home repair store. 


Once you have a kid and start giving them bathes, you suddenly realize all that can go wrong. One wrong step or giggle and their head can end up underwater. Reflexes are so different depending on their age that it’s simply not worth the gamble. Bathmats are more fun than all the above because they are more “decorative” than announcing “baby on board.” 

You can match them with your décor or go the kid route with bright colors and animals. You can be classy and choose a natural-looking stone theme, or cheese it up with orange shag. The world, and bathtub, is your oyster. And even when your kids grow up to have fantastic balance and skills, a bathmat will always come in handy for elderly visitors or even dog washing. How efficient and safe!

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! In the sea of endless options, these are the ones that stood out as actually worth it and useful. I remember feeling happy to have these baby proofing items instead of being overwhelmed with useless items I wouldn’t use.

Additionally, you may be surprised how little you have to bubble-wrap everything, including your kid. A little bump or scrape here and there adds up to a whole lot of learning and confidence-building, but that’s just me. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of items you should consider adding to your registry. What baby items would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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