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Phosphorus is second most abundant mineral in our body, right behind calcium. Phosphorus one of the essential minerals our body requires and serves as a key source of energy to carry out chemical processes. Important roles of phosphorus include maintaining regulation of the metabolism, kidneys, and the heart. Similar to calcium, phosphorus is needed to […]

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Chloride is one of the most important electrolytes in our bodies and is an essential component of salt. Chloride is responsible for fluid regulation and transmitting nerve impulses. Low chloride levels may indicate fluid loss from heavy sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea. It is important to intake dietary chloride to help the body regulate fluid to […]

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Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), also known as Vitamin B-10, is a natural non-protein amino acid and is found in many food sources such as potatoes, grains, eggs, milk, and meat. PABA is used to treat certain hair and skin conditions. * PABA protects the skin against UV damage which acts as an anti-aging agent, eliminating wrinkles. […]

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Adenine, also known as vitamin B-4, is one of the components that form nucleic acid. Adenine can form adenosine which plays an important role in energy production and cellular metabolism. Adenine helps maintains healthy body development and chemical processes such as regulating blood sugars, block free radicals, and maintain energy levels.*

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Silica (Silicon)

Silicon is a natural element found on the earth’s surface and is the second most abundant element, right behind oxygen. Silicon is one of the major trace elements in the human body and is found in many vegetables, whole grains, and seafood. Silicon has shown to be beneficial in bone and connective tissue health. * […]

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Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: July 1, 2020. Welcome to Bump Health, Inc. (dba, Bump Health) and our Terms of Use (these “Terms”). These Terms are important and affect your legal rights, so please read them carefully. NOTE THAT SECTION 3 OF THESE TERMS CONTAINS A MANDATORY ARBITRATION PROVISION THAT REQUIRES THE USE OF ARBITRATION ON AN […]

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Everyday Foundation

SAVE 40% with the Everyday Foundation Bundle! 

The Everyday Foundation Bundle provides broad coverage of essential vitamins and minerals, with added Vitamin D3 for metabolic support and mineral absorption, along with healthy Omega-3 fats for cardiovascular support and brain health.*

Includes 3 Daily Supplements (3 Pills)Everyday Multi, Omega-3, Vitamin D 400 IU



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Everyday +Plus Foundation

SAVE 40% with the Everyday +Plus Bundle! 

The Everyday Foundation Plus+ Bundle provides an advanced level of nutrition to build on, with boosted essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants, plus micro-doses of trace minerals, and healthy Omega-3 fats for cardiovascular support and brain health.*

Includes 4 Daily Supplements (4 Pills)Everyday Multi +Plus, Omega-3D, Vitamin D 400 IU, Cranberry 700 mg

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Fertility Foundation

SAVE 33% with the Fertility Foundation Bundle!

The Fertility Foundation Bundle can help ensure your body has access to the nutrients it needs to support a healthy pregnancy.* It is designed to promote a future baby’s growth and development by making critical nutrients like Folic Acid and DHA available, even prior to conception.*

Includes 5 Daily Supplements (5 Pills): Everyday Multi, Omega-3, CalMag + Vit D&K, Vitamin D3 1000iu, Cranberry 700mg

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Prenatal Foundation

SAVE 33% with the Prenatal Foundation Bundle! 

The Prenatal Foundation Bundle offers extra nutrients to promote a healthy pregnancy, including increased Iron to help build new blood cells that provide your baby with oxygen and reduce the chances of preterm birth.* It also includes double the Folic Acid for prevention of birth defects, as well as DHA, Choline, and Inositol for your baby’s brain and eye development.*

Includes 5 Daily Supplements (7 Pills)Prenatal Multi, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Cranberry 700mg, Ginger, Probiotic – 5 Billion

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Postnatal Foundation

SAVE 33% with the Postnatal Foundation Bundle! 

Your nutritional needs and those of your newborn are quite different than they were during the pregnancy. So why would you continue taking the same prenatal? The Postnatal Foundation Bundle is designed to help your body recover and repair from pregnancy and birth, while providing added nutritional support for breastfeeding.

Includes 5 Daily Supplements (7 Pills)Postnatal Multi, Omega-3 + D3, Cranberry 700mg, Biotin 1000mg, Collagen 500mg + Vitamin C 50mg

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Maternal Foundation

SAVE 40% with the Maternal Foundation Bundle!

The Maternal Foundation Bundle covers all essential nutritional needs, just in case you’re eating Mac & Cheese off the kids’ menu more often than you would like to admit. We also added an extra layer of B-Complex vitamins and Green Tea to up your energy game and help you keep up with the kiddos. *

Includes 5 Daily supplements (5 pills): Everyday Multi +Plus, Omega-3 + D3, CalMag + Vit D&K, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B-12 500mcg.

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Free Trial Bundle

Making time to eat healthy, while balancing a nonsto schedule, can be a challenge. An Everyday vitamin plan (tailored to your specific needs) can help you maintain clarity, focus, energy, and a healthy immune system… even on “cheat days”.

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Active Anti-Aging

Add-On to your Foundation Bundle and SAVE 60%!

Two supplements paired together to provide supercharged anti-oxidant support to eliminate free radicals and repair damaged cells.*

Includes 2 Daily Supplements (2 Pills): Antioxidant Complex & CoQ10 50mg

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Healthy Hair/Skin/Nails

SAVE 60% when you add this to your Foundation Bundle!

2 supplements specifically paired together to help grow and repair damaged cells that lead to naturally strong and healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

Includes 2 Daily Supplements (2 Pills): Collagen 500 mg + Vit C 50 mg, Biotin 1000 mcg

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Healthy Digestion

SAVE 50%! Add-On to your Foundation Bundle and get 2 for 1!

2 supplements paired together to promote proper digestion and a healthy gut, while soothing the stomach and preventing nausea.*

Includes 2 Daily Supplements (2 Pills): Probiotic – 5 Billion, Ginger Extract 550 mg

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Immunity Support

Add-On to your Foundation Bundle and SAVE 60%!

2 supplements paired together to provide holistic benefits to the immune system, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support for the whole body. *

Includes 2 Daily Supplements (2 Pills): Vitamin C 500 mg + Rose Hips 20 mg, Echinacea 400 mg

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Balanced Energy

 Add-On to your Foundation Bundle and SAVE 60%!

2 supplements paired together to provide a balance of instant energy (Green Tea) followed by a longer, more sustained increase of metabolic energy (B-12).*


Includes 2 Daily Supplements (2 Pills): Vitamin B-12 500 mcg & Green Tea Extract

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Vitamin D3 (400 IU)

Vitamin D supports calcium absorption and bone growth. It is also needed for a healthy nervous, muscular and immune systems.*

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Echinacea is a plant native to North America and has been used in traditional medicines by Native Americans for generations.* There is some evidence that Echinacea is effective as a preventative measure against infections and illnesses like the common cold.* Echinacea is not only believed to stimulate the immune system, but to also possess anti-inflammatory […]

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Echinacea (400 mg)

Supports a healthy immune system and a preventive measure against common infections and disease. *

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Green Tea Extract (315 mg)

Stimulates energy levels, mental focus, increased metabolism, alongside antioxidant support. *

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