Probiotics are living bacteria of the same beneficial type that live in the digestive tract and help break-down food. These “good” bacteria, sometimes referred to as the “microbiome”, not only help with digestion, but also help to produce vitamins, destroy harmful cells, and support our immune system.*

Different strains of probiotics (bacteria) play different supporting roles in the body that are unique to each strain. A healthy and diverse microbiome is critical to energy production. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, high in fiber helps promote microbiome health within the body.*

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Food Sources: Yogurt, Apple Cider, Fermented Foods, Kimchi

Benefits*: Improved Digestion, Nutrient Absorption, Increased Energy

Works Best With*: Fiber

Found In

Probiotic – 5 Billion

A gentle blend of desirable, friendly bacteria that help maintain immune system integrity, proper function of the digestive system, and restore healthy flora for overall well-being.*

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