Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the primary component in connective tissue and especially in the skin. There are numerous “Types” of Collagen, but 90% of the Collagen in the human body is of the Type 1 varietal.* As we age, Collagen levels and production decrease, leading to wrinkles and reduced elasticity.*

Amino Acids provide the base structure (called “procollagen”) for what eventually becomes Collagen.* It is important to note, that Vitamin C is also a critical co-factor in the creation of Collagen and if it is not supplied, then Collagen cannot be formed.*

Food Sources: Bone Broth, Chicken Fish, Egg Whites

Benefits*: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging, Healthy Hair/Skin/Nails*

Works Best With*: Vitamin C

Found In

Collagen + Vitamin C

Collagen and Vitamin C help protect and repair the skin and other tissues from damage, helping to improve its health and appearance.*

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