Choline is an essential nutrient that can be made in small amounts in the liver, but not in sufficient quantities to meet the body’s needs, so it must be acquired through diet or supplements. Choline plays a role in several biological functions, including mood and memory regulation, as well as muscle control and cellular support.

Choline and Inositol play similar and sometimes complimentary roles in the body. Like Inositol, choline helps with homocysteine regulation and provides reproductive support. Choline may help alleviate symptoms for women with PCOS. *

Food Sources: peanuts, eggs, chicken breast, beef liver, spinach, beets, shellfish

Benefits*: Cell Integrity, Brain and Nervous System, DNA Repair

Works Best With*: Inositol

Found In

Prenatal Multi

In addition to a complete offering of essential vitamins and minerals, this high-quality Prenatal delivers 250 mg DHA, 800mcg of Folate, and 27mg of Iron to help prevent birth defects and to support red blood cell production, as well as healthy eye and brain development for both Mother and Child. *

Postnatal Multi

Your nutritional needs and those of your newborn are quite different than they were during the pregnancy. So why would you continue taking the same prenatal? Our Postnatal Multi is designed to help your body recover and repair from pregnancy and birth, while providing added nutritional support for breastfeeding.*

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