Boron is a trace element believed to play a beneficial role in calcium metabolism, bone formation, brain function, insulin metabolism, and immune system support. Boron helps in the efficient use of Vitamin D by increasing receptor absorption. Some women may find it effective for relieving menstrual pain and vaginal infections.

Boron does not accumulate in most soft body tissues, but can be found in bone, hair, and nails. Inside the body, boron is hydrolyzed into boric acid. The body absorbs85% to 90% of ingested boron. Boron has a synergistic relationship with calcium, magnesium, and Vit D. *

Food Sources: prune juice, avocado, raisins, apples, peanuts, beans

Benefits*: Reproductive Support, Bone Health, Energy Production, Immune Support

Works Best With*: Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin D

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