How It Works

Why treat your vitamins differently than your medications?

Your own custom vitamin plan, prepared by a pharmacy and shipped to your door, at affordable prices.

Simple, Straight Forward, and Safe…

Complete Your Custom Health Profile

Tell us a little about yourself… your typical diet, lifestyle, family health history, etc.

Build Your Personalized Plan

Our recommendation engine will determine what you need and what you don’t, based on your unique health profile. You choose what works for you. We’ll check in occasionally and make adjustments if your nutritional needs change.

A Licensed Pharmacist Fills and Verifies Your Custom-Made Plan

Every order is individually prepared in a pharmacy and verified by a licensed pharmacist to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Pre-Sorted and Shipped Direct

Our pharmacists pre-sort all of your vitamins into convenient daily-pouches that can be taken on the go. When you run low, Bump will automatically ship your next month’s supply direct to your door.

Get Started Building Your Personalized Vitamin Plan

Invite & Earn

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