Author: Kathleen Nguyen

What Are The Best Supplements For Sleep?

Supplements for sleep can be helpful for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related issues, as well as those looking to improve their overall sleep quality. Unfortunately, many people are not getting enough sleep due to sleep problems, creating a lower quality of life.  About 10-30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia, and women are […]

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3 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Buying Supplements

As you stroll down the pharmacy aisle, you’ll face hundreds of supplements with countless brands and manufacturers. It’s a dizzying sight. How do you pick out the best ones? What should you keep an eye out for? Are there certain indicators to help you decipher which supplement stands out from the rest? There’s a sea […]

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The Best Supplements For Stress: What You Need To Know

According to the American Institute of Stress, Americans are the most stressed-out population in the world. In fact, our stress levels are about 20% higher than the global average. Every day, 55% of Americans experience stress, and 63% have even quit their job because of work-related stress.  From relationships, work, health, or financial situations, stress is […]

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Are All Vitamins Created Equally?

Are All Vitamins Created Equally? Have you ever walked down the supplement aisles looking for a vitamin? Do you ever wonder which brand you should choose? How do you know if one is better than the other? Unfortunately, not all vitamins are high-quality. Some are better than others. Research shows that 20% of dietary supplements contain […]

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Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D? Most Likely, You Aren’t

Have you heard of the superstar vitamin that plays a crucial role in hormone regulation? Yes, we’re talking about Vitamin D! This wonder vitamin is highly talked about and deservedly so. Unfortunately, while the sun is the easiest and main source of this vitamin, not everyone is able to get enough throughout the day. This […]

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The 5 Best Foods For Healthy Skin In 2023

Who doesn’t want healthy skin in 2023? If you’ve noticed changes to your skin, this may indicate that you’re experiencing medical conditions or changes to your health.  While there are a ton of facial toners, exfoliants, and moisturizers to make your skin glow, is your skin actually healthy? Most times, our bodies are missing essential […]

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The Top 4 Supplements To Help Fight Fatigue

Are you fighting fatigue throughout your day? Do you have a hard time staying awake? Is it impacting your quality of life? Unfortunately, there’s only so much coffee and energy drinks can do to keep you energized and sharp throughout your day. If you find yourself still fighting fatigue, there could be several reasons why […]

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Vitamins to Take During the Spring Season

Vitamins to Take During the Spring Season By Kathleen Nguyen, BAPS, PharmD – Kathleen is a licensed Pharmacist and Principal at SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND the corner, which means warmer weather and the peak of pollen season. You should consume enough vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and able to participate in outdoor […]

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What to Look For in Prenatal Vitamins

What to Look for in Prenatal Vitamins By Kathleen Nguyen, BAPS, PharmD – Kathleen is a licensed Pharmacist and Principal at THE STAKES ARE HIGH when you are pregnant. You’re not just having to worry about your own health, but also the health of the baby that you are nourishing inside of you. Of course, you […]

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Why should a Pharmacist Verify Your Vitamins?

Why should a Pharmacist Verify Your Vitamins? By Kathleen Nguyen, BAPS, PharmD – Kathleen is a licensed Pharmacist and Principal at Why should you go with Bump when choosing your vitamins? At Bump, every custom vitamin routine that is ordered through our site is sent to a local family pharmacy, where it is verified and filled […]

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Top 5 Vitamins to Help with Digestion

What Vitamins to Aid Digestion? By Kathleen Nguyen, BAPS, PharmD – Kathleen is a licensed Pharmacist and Principal at   Do you have digestion problems or feel uncomfortable after you eat? Do you experience bloating, stomach aches, or have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? One possible cause of these ailments may be […]

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Choosing the Right Vitamins For You

Choosing the Right Vitamins for YOU By Kathleen Nguyen, BAPS, PharmD – Kathleen is a licensed Pharmacist and Principal at   HAVE YOU EVER GONE to the vitamin aisle at your local health or grocery store only to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of different brands and types of vitamins? Sometimes there are dozens of different […]

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